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Ensuring success in federal government contracting

Registration Assistance for Government Contractors

  • Assisting with applications for federal and state tax ID numbers - including foreign entities across the United Kingdom and European Union.

  • Guiding through the registration process with Systems for Awards Management (SAM), Small Business Administration, Commercial and Government Entity Code, and procuring agencies.

Audit Support

  • Providing expertise during government audits of various aspects like accounting systems, cost proposals, billing systems, etc.

  • Mock audits to ensure contracting systems stay in line with FAR guidelines and internal policy so you are prepared for future audits.

Proposal Preparation

  • Helping with understanding requirements, developing pricing strategies, and preparing proposal sections.

  • Providing expertise in strategizing, negotiating, reviewing, and giving feedback on proposals.

Assistance with GSA Contracts

Managing RFPs and RFQs

Contract Management and Administration

  • Facilitating the acquisition of GSA Schedule Contracts.

  • Simplifying the government sales process and assisting with GSA Advantage.

  • Developing, searching, and analyzing RFPs and RFQs.

  • Assisting in creating solicitations to find the best candidates for specific projects.

  • Establishing and maintaining relationships between government agencies and contractors.

  • Managing contract modifications, changes, and preventing or addressing mishaps.

  • Preparing and submitting Requests for Equitable Adjustment (REA) to capture increases of cost and increase profit margins.

Minimization of Contract Risk

  • Assisting in adhering to Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) and Cost Accounting Standards (CAS).

  • Providing resources for compliance reviews.

Evaluation of Business Services

  • Assessing the value of products or services and their suitability for government contracts.

  • Determining the scope of capabilities for fulfilling contracts.

Review of Business Systems

  • Analyzing existing business systems like accounting, cost estimating, and material management.

  • Identifying gaps that may hinder the winning of new contracts or cause financial losses.

Customized Education and Training

  • Identify gaps in corporate knowledge of federal government contracting to include FAR clauses, processes, government relationships, and more.

  • Create virtual or distance learning courses for one time or continuous training of employees to increase compliance and 

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